Your story is important. We believe that God has a plan and purpose for everyone and that everything that happens along the way is part of that plan. We want to be people who share the things God has done and is doing in our lives in order to encourage, challenge, and inspire each other. We want to encourage you to be authentic and share whatever God puts on your heart.

If you want to share, but don’t know where to start, try answering some of these questions:

  • What has God taught you in the last month?
  • What is one thing you’ve experienced in your life that has shaped you and influenced your walk with God?
  • What is one area of life that you’ve grown in since you started following Jesus?
  • How have you found ways to do ministry in your daily life? (i.e. in your vocation, your neighborhood, or local organizations)
  • Reflect on a time God showed up in a situation that you thought was hopeless.
Spiritual Formation

Extroverted Bible Study – Illya Thomas

Bear with me. The title was in fact designed to grab your attention but not to coin a phrase I’m trying to monetize. You’ve no doubt heard of or participated in topical bible studies, thematic bible studies, perhaps Hebraic bible studies, etc. This could have been in mid-week studies held in your church’s auditorium or sanctuary, or the study your small group does wherever you’re meeting these days. For purposes of this article, I will refer to those as “group” bible studies. And that’s not what I’m suggesting.

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Ministry Hacks

Stop Trying so Hard to be Innovative – Drew Thurman

Our culture is obsessed with innovation. In our fast-paced, technological society, innovation is the fuel that keeps us moving forward. Startup companies build their brand on innovation, and existing brands constantly feel the pressure to develop or acquire new products to stay ahead of the competition. Colleges and universities continue to raise support to fund innovation labs, where students can get support and guidance for developing new ideas. Every industry, from health care, to automotive, to entertainment, is being quickly changed by the innovation conversation, whether they’re ready for it or not. It is everywhere.

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Spiritual Formation

Becoming Like the Father – Brandon Bradley

Are you familiar with this painting? It’s a classic. If you wanted to see the original, you would need to visit the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the giant painting resides. It was painted by Rembrandt, a famous and really the last of the great renaissance painters. This painting depicts a pretty famous story, the prodigal son.

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Spiritual Formation


THE ALL-OR-NOTHING PROBLEM I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator. To be more precise, I’m a perfectionist, and my all-or-nothing thinking leads me to procrastinate due …

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Spiritual Formation

How to Have a Terrible Sabbath: Finding Gold

15/7   If you’re in ministry, you’ve been there. Plans are set to have a day off or some time away or even a meal …

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Prayer Leads to Dangerous Disciple-Making

2020 has been a bit strange, especially for the huggers. 2020 has made the importance of interaction clear to us. We were made for and need interaction. We have made Zoom calls, phone calls and used other media to maintain our relationships.

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