Not your Typical Classroom Model

It’s true. We’re flipping the classroom upside down.

It’s true. We’re flipping the classroom upside down. Traditionally, students attend a class two to three days a week, listen to the class lecture, take notes, turn in completed assignments, and take quizzes and exams. Homework is conventionally completed in the library, in a dorm room or at home. If you’re lucky, you get to complete your homework as part of a group assignment.

But this is the Russell School of Ministry, where we make your learning experience as hands-on as possible. Instead, our students will watch engaging, interactive class lectures from the comfort of their homes. These lectures, often offered by leading ministry professionals, will include pop-up questions, polls, additional videos to watch, and a chat box to interact with your leader and your classmates. But the best of all, the ability to REWIND. How many times do you wish you could do that in a classroom?

Each video module will be accompanied by a lecture workbook making it easy to take your notes while following along. Does this mean everything is online and you won’t be attending class? No, not at all. Instead, our once-a-week lab sessions will provide you with an additional opportunity to hear how the lessons taught in each of our modules actually play out in the field by listening to real-life ministry examples. Hands-on exercises will help you apply the lesson.

How many times have you looked at an assignment and didn’t know where to begin? Well, not at RSM. Your leader will facilitate homework discussion to help get you started. As you and your peers discuss the problem being addressed, together you can develop viable solutions. Putting these solutions to paper will be easier than ever. We are not about making the homework difficult to understand; we are about making the homework applicable to real-life situations ministry leaders are facing today. We believe the upside-down classroom model allows us to do this best.


Each course will be twelve weeks in length, two sessions per week – a content day (online) and a lab day (in person). Before coming to the weekly lab session, you will need to engage in the online content. In the online content, you will experience a variety of instructors and teaching styles curated to present you with the best information on this topic. Through this creative, interactive environment, you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). Then during the weekly lab, students will apply that online content. Here students will synthesize the content for practical application. You will complete assignments and projects fashioned and usable in your ministry setting.

Real-World Ministry Training

The Russell School of Ministry knows that the best way to learn ministry is to do ministry. Our one-of-a-kind equipping model combines classroom learning with real-world ministry experience that ensures our students graduate educated and experienced!

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