Real-World Ministry Training

The Russell School of Ministry knows that the best way to learn ministry is to do ministry. Our one-of-a-kind equipping model combines classroom learning with real-world ministry experience that ensures our students graduate educated and experienced!

Customize Your Education
Choose the option that works best for you.

A student seeking a degree with a focus in ministry can choose to earn this degree through Central Christian College of the Bible or Hope International University. Ministry classes and residency will provided by the Russell School of Ministry.

A student seeking a ministry certificate along with a Bible diploma can dual enroll with the Russell School of Ministry and Central Christian College of the Bible. Students can choose to earn their ministry certificate and Bible diploma over 2, 3, or 4 years.

Whether you are a young adult, a ministry professional or a mid-life volunteer looking to earn a ministry certificate, you can choose to earn a certificate over 2, 3, or 4 years. While earning a certificate, students will receive hands-on ministry training while in the field.

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Real-World Ministry Training

The Russell School of Ministry knows that the best way to learn ministry is to do ministry. Our one-of-a-kind equipping model combines classroom learning with real-world ministry experience that ensures our students graduate educated and experienced! Our unique collaboration with area churches and ministry organizations provides our students with personalized, hands-on and practical experience. Students looking to serve Christ’s Kingdom in the 21st Century with excellence will find the Russell School of Ministry a good fit.

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Real-World Solutions

At the Russell School of Ministry, we offer a genuine solution to one of the biggest issues facing college students today. Employers not only want their prospective candidates to be educated, they want those same candidates to have relevant experience. Student debt is climbing, and most college graduates do not have enough experience to land those sought-after dream jobs. At RSM, we are committed to educating our students while providing them with real-world ministry experience, placing them in the unique position of being employable the day they graduate.

When students graduate from RSM, they are equipped to serve as ministry leaders in today’s reality. We achieve this result by seamlessly integrating quality instruction with two years of personal, hands-on, and practical experience. We partner with more than 20 area churches and ministry organizations. We personally place each student within one of these field experiences to create a win-win for both the student and our field partner.

Deciding to make RSM your home for learning is a decision to do ministry training differently!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our Field Residency opportunity consists of two years of supervised ministry experience in an area church or ministry organization
  • You will be provided a hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and technology
  • Our signature experiences will add tremendous value to your education, whether you decide to earn a Certificate, a Diploma or a Degree
  • You will work and learn alongside a proven leader in a healthy organization
  • As an RSM Student, you will have access to flexible course formats that allow you to learn ministry theory and immediately apply it through hands-on ministry experiences
  • Our Flipped Classroom Model provides a unique opportunity for homework assignments to be applicable to real-life situations
  • You can choose to focus your ministry training in a variety of specialized areas
  • You decide whether you earn a Certificate, a Diploma or a Degree
  • Our Field Partners provide resume-building employment as a formally hired part-time staff member
  • You will enjoy the best of both worlds as relevant leaders in the classroom prepare you to work alongside excellent ministry practitioners 
  • You will be matched with a Field Partner opportunity that creates a win-win for both the student and the ministry you serve
  • Increase your opportunity for exceptional career placement with relevant hands-on experience

An Affordable Opportunity

Traditionally, student debt has been one of the biggest stresses for those in ministry. The Russell School of Ministry is fortunate to partner with amazing donors and sponsors, allowing us to keep our ministry training at no cost to our students. Yes, you read that correctly. The Cost of RSM equates to zero dollars for RSM students. When a student has been awarded scholarship dollars, RSM will accept these to offset your training costs. However, the student pays no out-of-pocket dollars to RSM. Because of our unique structure, we are highly selective. We are looking for individuals who are eager to make a substantial contribution to Christ’s Kingdom.

Our Programs Include

Children & Youth Ministry

Cultural relevance is a critical trait in any leadership role, but it is particularly important when dealing with children and youth. They can smell “fake” and they retreat at anything considered antiquated, cliché, or patronizing. Instead of sequestering you in a classroom for 4 years, the Children & Youth Ministry program immerses you in ministry and keeps you on the leading edge of culture, trends, and strategies.

General Ministry

Don’t know exactly what area of ministry you want to pursue? No problem! The General Ministry program allows you to use electives to become a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary graduate. By combining strategic course selection with the 3-year apprenticeship model, the Russell School of Ministry can prepare you for effective ministry in any church role.

Urban & Intercultural Ministry

There is no better place to study urban and intercultural ministry than RSM because we are located in a racially, socially, and economically diverse city that 2.1 million people call home. The Urban & Intercultural Studies program consists of courses and 3 years of hands-on experience with nationally-recognized organizations that equip you to be the hands and feet of Christ — to the poor, the immigrant, the oppressed, or the addicted.

Preaching & Congregational Ministry

Effective leadership and communication in the church are built on sound doctrine and theory, but they are best developed by operating in a real-world setting. Building on excellent courses, the Preaching & Congregational Ministry program gives you a seat at the church leadership table and offers opportunities to hone your preaching and teaching skills by—you guessed it—preaching and teaching in front of a congregation.

Worship Leadership

Leading an effective worship ministry requires much more than a good voice. You do need to be a strong vocalist, but you also need to have exceptional leadership skills and be knowledgeable in piano, guitar, drums, and worship technology. The Worship Leadership program leverages courses, applied lessons, and 3 years of hands-on experience to hone you into a highly competent and sought-after worship leader.



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