Ministry is more than what you see.

Wouldn’t you like to learn what goes on behind the curtain of ministry before you’re hired to lead out front?

What We Do

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Field Residency is the hands-on experience part of the RSM program that allows you to train and hone your ministry skills for the mission God has called you to. 

We are committed to developing ministry leaders that are sought after because they’re equipped for today’s world, educated, AND have real-world ministry experience.

Through our ministry partnerships, we can offer you the best training there is, and the training that fits your calling.  In our network of partners, we have big, small, inner-city, suburban, multisite, and single-site churches. If your calling is not in the church, we have partnerships with nonprofits operating in the trenches.  All of our ministry partners provide their experience and ministry sites as training sites, aka Field Site.   

At your Field Site, you will learn, and work alongside a proven ministry leader.  This leader will be known as your Field Mentor.  Your Field Mentor will personally invest in you spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.  Their job is to equip you so that by the end of your residency you will be able to perform at their level and have the same insight into the ministry as they do.


Where Will I Do My Field Residency?

Early on you will spend time visiting our partner churches and non-profit ministries. During these visits, you have the opportunity to see ministry in operation, ask questions, and meet those that could be your Field Mentor of that site. 

After those visits, the RSM team will work with you to help define your future goals, and how they’ll impact the Kingdom.  Together we’ll prayerfully consider which Field Site will best help you to accomplish your goals.  Once the decision is made we’ll help you work through the Field Residency onboarding process with the Field Site/Sites you’re interested in. 

Our Partner Churches & Organizations

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