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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will never have to borrow money to take courses at RSM. Students that are accepted into RSM will have a $0-tuition impact. Our courses are 100% scholarshipped. We gladly accept any outside scholarship money you have been awarded, but students always receive a $0 balance. No student pays tuition.

How is this possible?  

The RSM is a non-profit ministry school, and we are supported through the generous donations of churches and individuals. They give to RSM because they believe the world needs fully equipped and experienced ministry leaders. They have made it possible for you to not carry debt. Their love for Christ and their passion for seeing the world reached for Christ compels them to sacrifice regularly for you. We will work to honor that trust, and we hold a high bar for those who attend RSM.

Preaching & Congregational Ministry

Urban & Intercultural Ministry

General Ministry

Children & Youth Ministry   

Worship Ministry 

As a part of your coursework at RSM, you will be a part of the Field Residency program. See Field Residency for more information. 

RSM students come with varying backgrounds and varying life commitments. Some have families that they support through full-time employment; others are first-year college students. A week in the life of an RSM student can vary depending on your circumstance.

The RSM is a two-year training program. However, a pre-residency option is available to students who need to take the program at a slower pace. 

Every week you can expect to spend time in class, do coursework at home, and train at your Field Residency Site. The Education Path (certificate, diploma, or degree) you choose and residency year will determine how many hours are involved each week.

Hours spent at a Field Residency Site are based on the level of residency, which is typically determined by your track year.
Pre-Residency – 10 hours
1st year – 15 hours
2nd year – 20 hours

Field Residency is the two-year, year-round, experiential part of RSM. As a resident, you’ll get hands-on experience that allows you to train and hone your ministry skills for the mission God has called you to.

Through our ministry partnerships, we can offer you the best training there is and the training that fits your calling. In our network of partners, we have big, small, inner-city, suburban, multisite, and single-site churches. If your calling is not in the church, we have partnerships with nonprofits operating in the trenches. You will work and learn alongside a proven leader in a healthy organization!

We believe that the best teaching happens through having a personal coach, who personally invests in you spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. As a resident in the Field Residency program, you will be coached and influenced for ministry by proven ministry leaders, known as Field Mentors.

Every week you will report to your Field Site to learn real-world ministry. Field Sites are ministry training locations.

As a resident, you will spend 10 to 20 hours a week at your Field Site learning ministry behind the curtain and being coached by your Field Mentor.

1st-year Residency – 15 hours a week
2nd-year Residency – 20 hours a week

Pre-Residency: On occasion, we may suggest, or a student might desire, to ease their way into residency. Pre-Residency is a high-capacity volunteer commitment at a Field Site for 10 hours each week. It is not a residency. However, students are getting behind-the-curtain training at a Field Site during this time. The Field Mentor will invest in students as they would a high-capacity volunteer. Once it’s decided that the student is ready to begin their first-year residency, they will apply to the Field Site.

Early on you will spend time visiting our partner churches and non-profit ministries. During these visits, you have the opportunity to see ministry in operation, ask questions, and meet the site’s Field Mentors.

After those visits, the RSM team will work with you to help define your future goals and how they’ll impact the Kingdom. Together we’ll prayerfully consider which Field Site will best help you to accomplish your goals. Once the decision is made, we’ll help you work through the Field Residency onboarding process with the Field Site/Sites you’re interested in.

RSM students come with varied life commitments, and so their housing needs vary. RSM does not provide housing,  but we’re happy to provide a list of local housing possibilities that you may consider. Our courses are flexible, allowing you to maintain a job, and in most cases, your current ministry, if that applies to you. 

It is entirely up to you.  

The RSM is a two-year training program. However, a pre-residency option is available for students who need to take the program at a slower pace. Your choice depends on your current circumstance, the load you can carry, and in some cases, your advisor’s approval.

For those students wanting to earn a diploma or degree, see Can I Get A Degree?

Yes, you can.  

Many students will decide to expand their education and can do so by applying to one of our partner colleges. Partner colleges are those who agree to accept the credits earned through the Russell School of Ministry.  

Students looking to further their classroom education may consider one of the following opportunities: 

  • Diploma = RSM training + online Bible courses. Our college partners offer 2-, 3- and 4-year options to achieve this goal.  
  • Degree = RSM training + online Bible courses + General Education courses. This option normally takes 4 years to complete. 

Here is an algorithm to begin the process of determining which education path might be right for you.    

If you desire an education path that includes pursuing a diploma or degree through a partner college, you will need to apply and secure the necessary financing to attend that college. However, because they’re a partner college, they have agreed to accept credits earned through the RSM. What does that mean for you? That means your overall tuition cost will be reduced because credits earned through the RSM are at no cost.

Our team is here to support you through this entire process. If you desire to pursue your education beyond the RSM Certification, an RSM advisor will help connect you to the right college. 

Think of RSM as a vocational ministry training school.  Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  

*RSM credits can also transfer to one of our partner colleges if you want to pursue a diploma (Ministry + Bible) or a traditional degree (Ministry + Bible + General Education courses)

Many of today’s churches and ministries desire to hire driven and Spirit-filled leaders who have experience. Through RSM you get education and experience. Our Field Residency program will provide two years of on-site ministry training. Most residents will receive compensation as hired staff from their Field Site during the last year of their residency. This experience looks exceptional on a resume and promotes our students above those with a typical degree.

RSM regularly receives calls from churches and ministries looking for qualified people to fill their staff positions. We are happy to help connect those looking for ministry staff with those ready to be ministry staff.

Potentially. An RSM advisor will meet with you to discuss what previously earned credits are transferable before you begin the RSM program.  

The Russell School of Ministry is unapologetically a part of the Restoration Movement of churches. It is a movement built on unity in truth. This means we believe we are not the only Christians but simply Christians only. We work together with other churches and non-profits whenever possible and passionately teach the truth of the Scriptures as God’s Word. You can learn more about the Restoration movement of churches HERE.

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